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If you're not sure if business is the right career for you, you can try one or two classes first before applying to a big college. There are some online schools that will allow you to sign up for just one or two introductory business classes. While you are completing these classes, you'll have a better idea if this is the career field for you. You can also try a local vocational college to, if you are more comfortable with a regular classroom experience. Learn more

And you don't need to start out by enrolling at a big expensive university, you can start by getting your first year or two under your belt by going to your local community college. You'll save a bunch of money this way. Academia has something more about this.

If you live in a big city like Miami or Minneapolis, you will have more options than someone living in a small town. In a small town, an online school may be your only option from which to take a business course from. Large city residents will have many schools to choose from, although some of the colleges may not let you attend, because of their entrance requirements. Students in Minneapolis have many options as do the students in the Miami area.

But if you find that business isn't your calling, there are other fun college majors to look into. One is animation design. Computer animation is a growing field that you could be a part of. Learning animation techniques and the latest computer software will prepare you for a new career. Find animation schools

Another field that some people find interesting is interior design. When it comes to interior design, either you get it or you don't. If you don't already have a basic understanding of color or style, you may struggle in these classes. However, if you think you do have a flair for it, this career might be perfect. Learn more

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